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POLITICAL ACTION CENTER - The latest updates
2015-16 NYS Enacted Budget Preliminary Analysis
2015-16 Enacted State Budget Summary

March 18th: Our Hard Work is Paying Off! - see details

March 19th: Crunch Time & State Senator Phone Numbers - see details

March 25th: State lawmakers: Teacher evaluation plan could be postponed - see details



Mailing Mondays: Send a letter to your local legislators. If you print and sign these letters and postcards, you can give them to an Executive Board member to be mailed for free. Pass them on to family and friends to sign too!

Take Action Tuesday: Download the free NYSUT Member Action Center (MAC) app for your smartphone and use it to take action.

Wear it Wednesday: Wear red for public education or wear your BEES gear.

Social Media Thursday: Be a part of the grass-roots social media movement. Re-post & share information, sign online petitions to do your part. Join the Thunderclap on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to visit and follow the BEES Facebook page.

Phone Call Friday: Call your local legislators to tell them we will not stand for Cuomo's proposals.

Now is the time! Stand up for public education!


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June 17, 2015
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